1885 Historic Queen Anne Victorian House, Warrenton, Oregon

Painted lady getting a new coat of paint. 5 colors

Front entrance with aluminum fencing
​                          After 

3 months of painting complete

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Roof line above porch                   

Bridge deck rotted Before

Craft room After

3rd Floor Bedroom Before

Porch/posts repairs in progress

Wisteria contributed to rotted porch and posts. Before


Pink Bedroom Before

This area is dedicated to the on-going projects at the DK Warren home. The house was fully restored in the late 1980's/early 1990's and continues to need updates and repairs. 

Future and in-progress plans: 

Add 2 car detached garage- DONE
Remove carpet from 'Pink Princess Bedroom' on 2nd floor, sand and paint floor, change decor- DONE
Remove carpet in the  'Green Bedroom' on 2nd floor and change the lighting back to that of the period. DONE
Laundry room- Picture not shown (it is attached to the kitchen) Room needs new flooring, wall repair, new paint, new cabinets- IN PROGRESS
Carriage house will become a mudroom- DONE
2nd floor Bathroom: Update lighting and decor- DONE
3rd floor bedroom will become a craft room. Removal of carpet, new paint.-DONE

Aluminum Fence to be added to driveway - DONE

Aluminum decorative roof lining on 2nd floor above porch to match iron fencing- DONE

Repair, power wash and paint wood  fencing along south and west property lines- DONE
Scrape, power wash, repair siding and paint House- Historic 5 colors- 3 month project will start in April, 2016- DONE
Repair 9 windows and various areas on south side of house- Rot damage- Done

Repair and replace decking on front porch- DONE​​
Clearing the overgrown 'forest' in backyard and creating a camp- approx. 1/2 acre- DONE

New updated efficient furnace- DONE
​Entire basement re-insulated- DONE
Remove all landscaping plastic barrier and replace with fabric and bark- DONE
Update Kitchen and utility room- DONE
​Repair decorative Bridge- DONE

Remove damaged trees and trimming large trees on entire property- DONE

Decorative roof line above porch                        After

Daniel Knight Warren House

Clearing land and creation of
Camp Kilo in backyard- After

Bee hive removal and honey harvest

Fence lining back property Before

Front entrance with aluminum fencing
​                         Before

Overgrown forest in backyard- Filled with invasive weeds and fallen trees  - Before

Rotted posts replaced, boards repaired, power washed and painted. After