This area is dedicated to the on-going projects at the DK Warren home. The house was fully restored in the late 1980's/early 1990's and continues to need updates and repairs. 

Front entrance with aluminum fencing
​                         Before

Rotted posts replaced, boards repaired, power washed and painted. After

Porch/posts repairs in progress


Pink Bedroom Before

Dilapitated Milk House

New cottage 2019

Decorative roof line above porch                        After

Bridge deck rotted Before

Wisteria contributed to rotted porch and posts. Before

Overgrown forest in backyard- Filled with invasive weeds and fallen trees  - Before

Bridge deck After

Front entrance with aluminum fencing
​                          After 

Kitchen Before

Fence lining back property Before

Daniel Knight Warren House

Roof line above porch                   

Painted lady getting a new coat of paint. 5 colors

Front yard Before

Kitchen After

Bee hive removal and honey harvest

3 months of painting complete

Front yard After


1885 Historic Queen Anne Victorian House, Warrenton, Oregon